ENVIRONMENTAL & PHOTOGRAPHY PURSUITS Center for Creative Imaging, Camden, Maine — Certificate of Completion of study in photo imaging with artist and illustrator Paul Davis. The Tracking Project: Chaco Canyon — A tracking journey to the heart of the New Mexico dessert on the land of the Anasazi Indians — tracking animals, cultures, and thousand year-old footprints led by John Stokes.  The Tracking Project: Bitterroot Ranges of Western Montana — Advanced tracking skills, led by John Stokes, tracking deer, elk, moose, black bear, mountain lions, wolves, coyotes, hawks and eagles. Wetlands Restoration — Salt Marsh Restoration Project, 1995-1998: Photographing efforts of the Salt Marsh Restoration Team to recover marshes damaged in the 1990 Exxon oil spill in the Arthur Kill, an estuary adjacent to New York Harbor. This photographic essay was used for educational and fund raising purposes to promote awareness of the value of our nations threatened wetland habitats. Northwest Alliance, East Hampton — Steering Committee Member of a community based environmental group to protect the area encompassing Northwest Creek, Northwest Harbor and it’s watershed. East Hampton Citizen’s Advisory Council (CAC) — Former Council member of the Land Preservation Committee for the CAC, which reports to the East Hampton Town Board Exploring the East End — With camera in hand, documenting the wonders of the quiet beauty that makes this place worth returning to.